The story of my life

Although I'm ethnically Mangalorean, I've never visited my ancestral homeland. Following a brief sojourn as a sea-faring toddler (because my dad was a marine engineer), I grew up in the metropolis of Karachi: a concrete jungle, bounded on the South by the Arabian sea, with a dangerously turbulent political climate that is almost redeemed by the perennial balmy weather and the delectable food available there in abundance.

My family moved to Canada in the summer of 1996 and settled in Toronto, where I attended high school. Next I enrolled in the Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo in Southern Ontario and spent 6 wonderful years there, alternating between working at co-op placements and studying on campus. Three years after I began attending UW, my sister showed up there as well, choosing to live in the same dorm as I had. Years later, my brother lived there briefly too!

Upon graduating from university I moved to Silicon Valley to work as a Software Engineer for VMware, where I spent the next four years. After a year of living in Palo Alto, I found myself craving the excitement of a bigger city so I moved to San Francisco, where I felt at home. Three years later, however, I decided to quit my job and strike out on my own, writing smartphone apps while globetrotting.

When I'd gotten the travel bug out of my system, I joined an exciting startup in Manhattan and thereby ended up living in NYC. Although I originally moved to Williamsburg in Brooklyn because that's where most of my peeps lived, I eventually relocated to Manhattan when I moved in with the love of my life, whom I later married. Tired of spiralling rent increases, we bought our own condo in Upper Manhattan. About a year later our daughter was born.

If you're still curious and want a more detailed account of my life, you can read the text of my keynote at the 2016 NYC Science & Engineering Fair or the concise history of my technical education.